DZH coal or biomass steam boiler

  • dzh coal or biomass steam boiler

    DZH coal or biomass steam boiler

    DZH series coal or biomass fired steam boiler is a single drum shell type boiler with both fire tubes and water tubes. The combustion equipment is moving grate, coal or biomass fuel is fed manually or mechanical. the fuel could be coal or biomass fuel (wood chips, wood block, wood batten, bark, bamboo, etc), long wood log (L≤2m) could be burned without broken. This series boiler adopts latest scientific research achievements, such as arched tube plate, thread smokestacks etc, solves the problems of tube plate cracking, water tube bursting, boiler barrel bulging, low thermal efficiency, and poor adoptability of fuels.
    Both sides of the wall around the furnace are radiation heating surface. Two wings of furnace are convective heating surface. Inside of the drum is threaded pipe convective heating surface. The furnace wall adopts the new technology of whole pouring molding of heat resistant concrete. The lateral of boiler body is shell of the three-dimensional shape.

  • characteristics of biomass fuel

    Characteristics of Biomass Fuel

    Biomass fuel is made of agricultural or forestry products waste (wood pellets, straw, rice hull, sawdust, peanut shell, bagasse, etc). It is clean and renewable fuel. In recent years, biomass solid fuel is used for industrial boilers, compare with oil gas boiler and coal fired boiler, it has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, and low cost. Because of the higher requirement of environmental requirements, biomass fuel boiler is gradually instead of coal boiler.

  • dzh series boiler is widely used for different industrial productions.

    DZH series boiler is widely used for different industrial productions.

    Food factory
    Rice Mill
    Plywood mill
    Chemical plant
    Textile mill
    Printing and dying mill
    Paper factory
    Garment factory
    Oil refining
    Foam factory
    School/swimming pool/hotel/farm
    Other industries

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