Double drum coal biomass fired boiler

  • <strong>double drum coal biomass fired boiler</strong>

    Double drum coal biomass fired boiler

    SZL series double drum boiler is horizontal type large capacity water tube boiler with chain grate. Sitong Boiler takes several breakthroughs on boiler design, such as membrane water cooling wall, low thermal inertia design, and water cooling combustion chamber. This series boiler adopts fast assembly or packaged assembly structure, the boiler with steam capacity lower than 4tph is fast assembly water tube structure, the boiler with steam capacity between 6~25tph is consisted of upper part and lower part. This series boiler has reached the international advanced level on technology and performance, it has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation, short install period, low cost, and environmental protection.

  • double drum coal biomass fired boiler technical features:

    Double drum coal biomass fired boiler Technical Features:

    1.Furnace arch adopts advanced design, forming obvious inverse “α” flue gas flow, strong adaptability of different fuels.
    2.The bottom road rail of grate adopts light rail, which improve the operation’s reliability.
    3.Boiler design adopts light furnace wall structure, reduces the absorbed heating capacity and the boiler starts and stops quickly.
    4.The length of grate is 500-1000mm longer than others, achieves high combustion efficiency.
    5.Based on customers’ requirement, the combustion equipment could be fixed grate, moving grate, chain grate, and reciprocal grate.
    6.The using of new metallurgy formulate make the grate withstand high temperature more than 1100℃.
    7.The furnace heating area increase more than 50%, increase hot water output.
    8.The using of light furnace wall decreases 70% thermal inertia, temperature raise up quickly.
    9.Adopts membrane wall, increase boiler thermal efficiency (83%).
    10.The dust collector solution can make sure almost zero pollution.

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